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Originally Posted by Amanda71 View Post
In this thread. In other threads I have read, there have been less "tongue-in-cheek" references about his English. Granted, it's a minority opinion, but it's still out there.

Furthermore, on other parts of the site, especially on the main boards, Russian players are bashed often for their less than stellar English. I've read countless posts about how people wish Semin would speak in English, that he's been here long enough to know it. Same with Datsyuk. Even with Geno to a degree.

If I was a guy, would you have made that statement? Of course everyone here knows that I'm a girl, that Evgeni is my favorite player, and that I think he's cute. But it's extremely unfair to say that I "wish I was his new Alyonka". Maybe I should be less open here, because I feel like that was an unnecessary slap at me from you. I don't get on here and make slaps at people like I get from you and other users. I don't want to hear that it's "tongue-in-cheek", "friendly picking" or whatever. I felt that was very rude for you to say and you crossed a line with that.

Furthermore, I don't actively seek praise for studying Russian, but I happily accept it. I chose a language that I had an interest in and I've worked my ass off in learning it. I could've taken a far easier language like Spanish, but I didn't. I chose Russian and I'm pursuing fluency. And after I get done doing an hour or two of Russian homework 3 or 4 times a week, I definitely do not mind a pat on the back.

In any case, I'm done in this thread. It's obvious that I'm coming off as being overly defensive and it seems as though I'm taking it too seriously. I only wanted to offer a little insight into the language barrier, but I'm done hi-jacking this thread.
First off, the main boards should not be used as a frame of reference for anything occurring in reality. That place is a waste of bandwidth, nothing more and nothing less.

If you were any random guy, no I would not make that statement about you wanting to replace Alyonka. If you were a guy who has as much of an affinity for Malkin as you clearly do and were so open about the crush, then yes, I would. I think you are taking this website way too seriously. People give each other ****. It is what it is. We make fun of Big for being a hipster, we make fun of Coach for being from New Jersey, people make fun of me for stuff I've posted about before. If you are that sensitive then it is more of a personal problem. You imply you don't want to be treated differently because you are a female, while simultaneously making it seem like you want extra accommodation due to your level of sensitivity and you can't have it both ways.

Anyway, OnlyTheBrave hit it right on the head. Anyone with common sense knows that learning a second language is a *****. Therefore, anyone who makes fun of Malkin for it clearly lacks common sense and thus is not worth anyone's time or worry

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