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09-16-2011, 12:12 PM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
In the long run, perhaps (although in the long run, I believe they'll fill that need with someone other than Del Zotto). But if Del Zotto simply isn't ready to do that job in conjunction with the rest of his duties, than you can't put him in just yet.

Sorry, I disagree. I think his positioning is BRUTAL, as is his decision making. He's really, really bad in his own zone. I don't think he's even adequate with his stick, and his physicality is not properly applied. He doesn't understand how to play defense, and he thinks that hitting people is akin to playing good defense, so he takes himself out of a lot of plays to go for largely meaningless hits. The McIlrath syndrome, in other words.

Again, I don't agree. I don't think Eminger is anything like Valentenko. Eminger is a player who doesn't excel at anything and just does a little bit of everything adequately enough not to embarrass himself. Defensively, they are very different players. Valentenko is much stronger, and understands how and when to hit. He's also better positioned and less likely to try and play above his means like Eminger has been prone to doing. This team has a real problem this season if Eminger is one of the top 6 regulars. He's a #7 guy.

Without a doubt, they are all better defenders, but none of them play the physical game in the way that Valentenko does. Also, you're just generally underrating Valentenko as a defender. He's quite solid, physically and otherwise.

I'm not really sure how Girardi is miles ahead, but then again, AFAIC, Sauer (and McDonagh will be, too) is a better defender than Girardi.

That's not really what Valentenko does. That's what Del Zotto does, as I noted above. Valentenko is more like a blueline version of Fedotenko. He's a very strong and physical presence, but he understands how and when to use those tools, and he's able to keep that side of his game up his sleeve thanks to his ability to play a well positioned, stick checking defensive game, as well. Valentenko is a conservative player (and I mean that in a complimentary fashion, as over aggressiveness is usually the sign of a poor defensive player).

There is no one defenseman on the Rangers today that plays a game similar to Valentenko, IMO.


but dylan mcilrath may well be the one guy who plays a game, or is supposed to play a game, similar to vtank. thats why he was drafted, to be that kinda impact physical player.

weve been told that big mac, potentially, fills a huge void for this organization. and i agree. young dylan would do very well becoming a quicker, more agile, more athletic version of vtank.

with dylan being atleast 2 years away, and with the focus being on his steady development into the player gordie clark envisioned he could be, it would make sense that we would give a fair shot to a guy like vtank- who seems to have many of the same attributes right now, that dylan might eventually bring to this team.

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