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10-24-2003, 05:13 PM
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That hooking penalty was bizarre! I hope somebody sends the Panthers a fruit basket or something... sheesh. Terrible time for a terrible call.

Lots of weird calls in that one tonight. Some relatively minor stuff gets called, other seemingly obvious stuff doesn't. All those bench minors...?

Good win for our guys to get, though, weird calls or not. They needed something to build off of, and 4 goals against Luongo is nothing to sneeze at. I was worried at moments, but not as much as in past games. The guys looked like they were getting back to their game. Brandner had some nice chances... one of his better games, I thought. Good for Daigle to pot one.. nice tricky little floating he did there. Antti stepped it up at the right time. Well, I'm rambling now.

Hey! How 'bout that Vanek goal in the Gophs-Bulldogs game? Holy schnikies that was a shot. And our boy Irmen was looking pretty good, too (only saw brief bits of the game, though).

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