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09-16-2011, 12:46 PM
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Am I the only one who sees a fundamental problem with the Sedins game relative to playoff hockey? In particular teams with very strong defense core (ala nashville and boston)?

They aren't fast players who rely on gaining the zone, getting deep and cycling the puck from the corners. Does anyone else not see a fundamental problem in this? That is basically their ENTIRE game, and in the playoffs, you just get knocked on your ass. Unless you are incredibly fast, that down low cycle game doesn't jive against the Charas and Webers of the league.

Sedins need to work on scoring from the rush, or the high cycle. Using the defense to cycle high around the circles, then open something up to move down low. But mainly, they need to work on their rush plays. Scoring from the high slot or top of the circles, and running more give and goes and tic tac toe plays on the fly.

I hate to be so critical, but I don't think the Sedins struggles were cognitive, bad luck, or injuries (though hank was indeed injured). I believe the core of their struggles is that their bread and butter cycle from the corner game simply doesn't work in the playoffs against top defensive teams. I don't think it ever will.

They need to expand upon their game, or I don't see us getting past strong defensive teams. Assuming of course Kesler doesn't use a cheat and set all his stats to 99 like he did against Nashville. You need your top line to produce to win a cup.

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