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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
This. When I see players like PK and Eller among others, I see the type of dedication they have and how seriously they take getting better, making it in the NHL, being a good player. I know with the motivation and dedication those types of players have that with the talent they have they will go far and thus far Avtsin is no exception to the rule. Time will obviously tell if he cracks or not. Thus far he has a great attitude and it just goes to show why we had problems in the past with player development. We were going after talent but character and determination were often overlooked assets. Now that we're drafting players that have a tremendous amount of dedication it's no surprise we're seeing the upside. Subban is just the tip of the ice berg imo. With Price, Pacioretty, and now maybe even Avtsin who knows where this team will be down the line.

I like the direction the team is heading in with our choices.

Not true unless we're talking generational talents like Crosby, Ovechkin, etc. If we're talking stars then you're wrong as a lot of them need 1-3 years in the AHL and even start off slow in the NHL, is Lars Eller going to be a career 40pt guy? Who knows I guess, but I'm doubting it's all but guaranteed that he can't be a star. Plenty of players who take time to develop in the AHL become stars or even superstars. Generational talents and very high end superstars i.e. drafted first overall are pretty much the only kinds that don't require AHL seasoning(Or KHL/SEL/etc). Nobody said Avtsin wasn't a project, if he weren't he would have been drafted in the first round. He's still quite young though and playing in a mans league. I can't really judge a kid who isn't physically mature playing in a mans league. To me where you start judging Avtsin is by his play at the end of this season and all of next. This year was a huge adjustment and like I said he was a kid playing in a mans sport. Considering his ice time, where he was in the line up, etc... his points weren't terrible.

This. 19 year old's with barely a taste of KHL don't just show up to the AHL after having mostly played junior in Russia and start scoring goals all over the place on the 4th line. He's overlooked because of that, people expected a 40+ point season out of him and that just wasn't realistic. This year it's possible and if he pulls it off I expect him to build on that by next year and by then he should at least be a top player in Hamilton. He's a project, he's young and he needs time. Ovechkin is the exception not the rule and need I remind people it doesn't take much to go from being PK Subban in Belleville to PK Subban in Hamilton and subsequently Montreal. When a player is talented, dedicated and motivated anything can happen with their development. We just need to give him some time to adapt and I'm sure he'll be fine. Not saying I guarantee anything but this season isn't close to enough to say he's a bust.
Well, Ovechkin and Lafleur were quote by the poster. They are both generational talent.

Kovalchuk and Nash are maybe not generational talent, but both are futur Hall Of Fame candidates.

I respect your view guys, but to think Avtsin has that type of skill is... well I don't know what to say.

With that kind of talent, Avtsin would have done a lot better in teh AHL, even at 19 years old. Nash and Kovalchuk did better than that at 18 in the NHL.

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