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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
The thing I really don't get is the half shield or no shield at all. It's ridiculous. Lose some teeth, break a nose, lose an eye for what? Too look cool? Better vision? Two weeks ago in pickup guy with a half shield is going in on a breakaway, gets hooked from behind and goes down, goalies skate gets him right in the face. Blood everywhere. Is it really worth it?
Half shield, worn properly will protect your eyes and nose very well. Good mouthguard will protect the teeth to a large extent, but yes you are still susceptible to an injury to the mouth/jaw. But if you wear one a lot, you learn to turn your head very quickly. I can't play with a cage. I've tried, forced myself to do it for multiple games to try to make the transition, and I just can't do it. The vision difference is huge, particularly on the periphery. I've even tried the full shield types and can't get comfortable with those either. Part of it is also the weight. My Bauer helmet with a cage is twice the weight of my Easton with the half shield and it's really noticeable. For me, it's just a risk I take to play hockey.

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