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09-16-2011, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by duul View Post
Even at shinny I wear full gear. Can't understand why people rock no shouldies then you see them going off with a seperated shoulder.
honestly... if you can't skate and you play with beginners... Rock a fricken cage, and full on 11K shoulder pads

Newbie's are the worst offenders of causing accidents, meanwhile... I can play in my lunchtime group and hardly ever worry about an errand stick...

Also, seperated shoulders are the result of falling awkwardly, usually... and if nobody is wearing shoulder pads, incidental contact is much more friendly.

Anyways... I will keep what I got for now, and I like my pants
I looked @ the Warrior Bently and Bauer supreme40 which are about as low end as you can get....

today though, skating around I feel on my ass as the result of another player catching my skate with his...
Even with my 652 tacks (which are still light) my left cheek is tender ...
I think i'll keep the pants

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