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09-16-2011, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Raging Bull View Post
YES! I tried to get a "Stone" chant going. Then they broke into "Search and Destroy" and I couldn't believe it, didn't know they'd ever covered it. Glad I went to two shows while they were here, two radically different experiences.

Given To Fly
Not For You
Just Breathe
The Fixer

Are the only songs they played both nights. Best live band I've ever seen.

Although I would have liked to see your namesake, one of the songs in their vast catalog I've never seen. That and "Garden", which I swear I heard Eddie play the opening riff from before he went into Elderly Woman....on Sunday night. Tease.
Sick show last night in the Hammer.

I was there myself.... I can't believe they played push me pull me... seen PJ 5 times, and first time I heard that track, I love it.

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