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Originally Posted by ScubaaaBob View Post
Well their playoff stats show not even a point per game and reg season well over a point per game I'd expect better from them than what we've seen. Their too easily stopped in the playoffs. Players like Getz, Perry, Datz, Zetterberg, Malkin all rise their game in the playoffs, Sedin haven't. When Toews lead his team to the cup he was well over a point per game as well as Kane and Sharp was playing at a point per game. Staal was over ppg when he lead his team to a cup, most teams who win the cup have their top players rise their game not lower it, not that I expect them to play at the 100 point pace but they should be playing over a point per game.

I like the Twins but there is some sugar coating in this thread. Sedins although aren't playoff chokers don't rise their game or even come close to being the regular season players they are... they go from top players in the NHL in the regular season to good players in the playoffs, we need them to be more.

Their point totals haven't been a problem?.... really? so you ok with 3 points from them, our top players, in the SCF?.... Wasn't Hank scoreless in something like 14 or 15 playoff games? Also if I remember right didn't the Twins score most of their points on the PP and when that PP went cold so did the Twins and our offence. If the Sedin were playing as their talent indicates from their regular season and Luongo could show up that SCF shouldn't have made it to game 7, our top players need to be much more consistent.
When I mentioned point totals not being the problem, I didn't mean on a game-to-game basis, I was just reacting to the guy complaining about their year-end playoff-point totals (and to the OP defending this as if that were the knock against them). Had they not gotten all their points in the San Jose series and did ****-all in the other ones, I personally would be okay with the point-totals they ended up with. Obviously they didn't produce enough in the finals. I agree that HOW and WHEN they're getting their points (or rather, how they aren't getting them) is the problem (like what you said in your last paragraph).

Like I said, I'm not defending the Sedins' level of play at all-- I think they were awful in the playoffs. But to "expect" a conn-smythe performance out of each of them, scoring nearly a 100-point pace in the playoffs is unreasonable. They had an awful playoff for every reason other than the offensive numbers they ended up with.

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