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Originally Posted by Mr Atoz View Post
Not a bit. After the last 10 years of America bashing I'm no fan of canadians any more. But as I said above, there's a much greater excitement here regarding Erixon who played his whole life in Sweden because he seems like the real thing and not a big fish in a small pond shoved down our throats by a small partisan contingent.

You think that we wouldn't love Zuccarello if he started scoring 30 or 40 goals a year? The Rangers benched him, the fans didn't.
Then atleast let him have a chance to play more that half a season before you write him off. He scored at the same rate as one of your american heros, Stepan. Why write someone off before they are given half a chance to "be loved"?
Your previous post pretty much says that you dont accept anyone Norwegian liking MZA. We are just liking him because he is Norwegian. Does that mean that Swedes shouldnt talk about or show love to Erixon or that Canadians should refer from talking about Christian Thomas? Or perhaps US people shouldnt be allowed to be excited about Cal being named captain of the Rangers?
The thing is that people in Sweden that have been following the SEL probably know more about Erixon, people in Norway probably know more about MZA, and people following the college leauge probably know more about Thomas. For some reason you make it into so sort of nation vs nation. It annoys me. As far as i am concerned, we are all Rangers fans, and we care about the team more than single players.
No I in team, right?

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