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09-16-2011, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by BrianL View Post
So, here's a thorny question...

What happens if someone who requires wheelchair accessible seating wins the ticket lottery, and none are available? Can you say, bad publicity? I knew ya could.
Yes, at some point this will happen, and yes some news organization will tut tut it. What can you do though, there comes a point where you can't politically correct up a situation without putting EVERYONE out.

As an example I worked at a company where we produced engineering drawings for the installation of building products and we were switching from black and white drawings to coloured. Someone thought it was a terrible idea as we might offend anyone who is colourblind. I know a couple of people who are colourblind and they 1) aren't generally offended bu colours, and 2) couldn't imagine putting out the rest of the population who can see colours for some politically correct "don't offend anyone" reason.

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