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10-24-2003, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd
Well, here is the rub. Bondra is more attractive, but not worth much.
You are talking out of both sides of your hockey mouth. Nobody is going to give a quality player for Bondra, or a top draft pick much less any combination of those things, because he is old. Yet he is attractive because he is good and his contract is friendly. but his contract is too expensive to keep.
Bondra is a 30-40 goal scorer with a shot as big as it was when he was 28. He lead the NHL in PPG's two of the last 3 years and is also a primary PK players. He eats a lot of ice time. But he is worth very little in trade. Makes no sense to trade him unless the Caps are salary dumping, but is contract is friendly enough not to have to dump.
Which way do you want it? Strikes me that what you are saying is that since the Caps apparantly suck that they dont need their good players right now and they should give them away at a bargain bin price to a contender. You point out the Caps AHL defense, but noone is offering an NHL defenseman. Why trade him?
Wow. Talk about assumption on top of extrapolation on top of... I re-read my posts and they don't appear (at least to me) to resemble your summary. So be it. You obviously like the player and deservedly so but the response sounds a little defensive. Repeating the same points doesn't make them more convincing.

Bondra will fetch a quality player and a pick, but not a combination of a 1st and a premium prospect, IMO. His declining numbers, position, age and salary mitigate against a Schneider/Oates type of package. That doesn't mean "he is worth very little in a trade" but it does mean that he won't fetch what a talented younger centreman/defenceman making less salary would fetch. As for "bargain bin prices to a contender", I didn't suggest that and it remains to be seen, I guess, whether Bondra gets traded at all, and whether Washington gets the defenceman it badly needs in return. I don't know whether no-one is offering or will offer an NHL defenceman. Do you? An answer to that type of question was the original purpose of this thread.

In Washington's context I expect that his contract will become a burden if they go into a full rebuild and lose revenue as a result (along with Jagr and Lang). Time will tell.

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