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10-11-2005, 07:23 PM
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I'm a defenseman. I have terrible speed, and if it weren't for my anticipation skills, I would get burned frequently. I can hit like a train, even though I'm not very big; I lack upper body strength as well as cardiovascular fitness. Still, I've had some nice open-ice hits ala Stevens. I have an average slapshot for a d-man, and I am an average stickhandler, but I can outthink pretty much anyone else on the ice. I have excellent vision, and I can quarterback a powerplay because I am very good at handling the puck; I intercept a lot of passes and am an excellent forechecker because of it. I had a lot of games where I had 0 goals but 6 or 7 assists. I absolutely love to make passes while doing a spin-orama. Also I'm very, very risky with the puck; usually I am successful, but sometimes, I get caught down deep. I have a good wrist shot, but I'm a pass-first kind of guy, mostly because I find it difficult to maneuver through traffic. A two-faced asset of mine is that I play the game very cleanly; I always push the boundaries of what is legal and what is not. However, I'm not the kind of guy who'll stick up for teammates or get into a fight. I'm also slightly uncoachable.

I played goalie at a very high level. I was very positionally sound; the king of the butterfly. It was pretty much impossible to score against me by trying to go down low. I was very good at handling two on ones, and I made one-timers and deflections look like nothing.

I was poor at keeping players out of the crease, and I found it difficult to talk trash. I had an average glove hand but could get beat above the blocker regularly. I've gotten beat on shots from outside the blueline, and I am guilty of sometimes mishandling poor shots by leaving giant rebounds. I am a bad puckhandler, and my skills are excaerbated by the fact that I make poor decisions with the puck. On breakaways, I always come waaaaay out to challenge the shooter. But if I ever go for the pokecheck, its a given goal. I've tried to change that, but I was even more unsuccessful Also, I was pretty inconsistent; some games I would be the best goalie in the leauge; other games, and I'd give up 6 goals. I always did well when I saw lots of shots. I have a winning season record, and have carried some pretty bad teams to the playoffs; however, I have faired poorly in the playoffs, with a losing record.

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