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09-17-2011, 11:36 AM
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Trick #1: Wear it around the house. Use it while watching TV (preferably hockey).

Just wearing the blocker should be enough to loosen it up. As for the glove, you're gonna wanna open and close it constantly. It'll make the glove easier to open/close and your hand will get a good workout. You should literally open and close that glove thousands of times before you use it in a real game.

Trick #2: Shove a huge towel in the glove to open up the pocket when you're not using it.

Trick #3: Heat it up. I used a blow dryer to heat up the inside of the glove and the outside pocket before I flexed it open/close. Another thing I did was lay the glove closed in my car one day while it was hot out. Next day, I'd leave it in the car open on a hot day. It breaks down the leathers and foams, but of course this could damage the glove.

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