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09-17-2011, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by EddieMFRoyal View Post
he's probably been reading hfboards and wants to win over the fan base by pounding on big Vic. So what if it's a drill and they're teammates.....Duco smells opportunity.
Haha. Maybe, but I think he has been the worst guy on the ice thus far. Couldn't handle the puck during the first easy drill, not getting open on the drills and sort of half assed them, despite rig bent over after every drill. He got a talking to by two coaches after he flubbed a few. Don't know what was said of course, probably nerves? I was watching him pretty closely as he was with Schroeder. And on one drill where Duco could have stopped, he kept going and bumped Schroeder off balance.

the one I was missing was Hansen.

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