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Originally Posted by SJfortheCUP View Post
So you have to play be a pro to boost your attributes of your actual online player? Lame. I thought I read you could buy them instead? I'll just do that.
You can buy them. But I detest the principle of buying an advantage in games like this. I don't mind if the game wants you to buy added levels or missions for a game, or to unlock characters or special content. But I hate the fact that you can want to play the game "legit" and find yourself facing people who have a big advantage right out of the gate because they can afford to spend $70 on the game and then quite possibly double that price by having to buy boosts. The dumb thing is that in the end I'll probably have to spend $20 to get some of the ones that require the apparently broken multi-season BAP accomplishments or insane (for me) online goals like 150 goals and 100 games played.

and that sucks Chubbs. Last year some of the boosts were glitched a bit (I know I couldn't unlock the ones that needed you to get 2 goals in a memorial cup game) but not this badly.


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