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10-24-2003, 07:39 PM
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i am against signing of UFA's to patch holes for a good reason...for years, i've looked at the players the bruins' drafted and thought "damn, if we never made a trade we'd have a helluva lot better team then we do now". one thing is clear to me...the bruins have always been 'decent' at drafting, and now they're quickly becoming AWESOME. i personally want to see this team build like ottawa...young, talented, and strong for MANY years. that's the path we're on, and that's the path i want us on personally. zino/hilbert have loads of talent and should be given every opportunity to make the team IMO...not because they're young and cheap but because both are just about/if not ready to make the jump and they have talent with alot of upside. UFA patches almost never are able to elevate their games. i look no further then raycroft...i was thinking vs. the canes "wow...this is by far the best performance i've seen from him". i am SOOOOOOOOO fricken excited about him not for how he is...but simply because he dont let up...he keeps getting better almost game-by-game and i cant help but wonder what the finished product is going to look like

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