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10-24-2003, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Gee Wally
I agree with you Meister...

the only thing I would like to add is also the Bruins benefitted ( maybe the most ) from the NHL crackdown on interference early in the Season..

Once the calls went away and clutch and grab came back the open ice left too.

you're 1000% correct sir. if you're not permitted to 'interfere' with a line of knuble-thornton-murray...well let's just say the results are and were obvious. if talent were allowed to roam freely, and hacking/slashing/tripping/holding/etc were called ALL THE TIME...we'd again be one of if not the best in the league-even during a 82 game schedule IMO. i mean honestly...i was thinking the other many times do you hear commentators say "the first goal is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE" and back it up with statistics like "the leafs are only 2-23-5 after the opponent scores first". holy $#@@...we're what? 3-1-1 or something when the opponent strikes first?? this team is OOZING with talent-but defensive oppositions hold us at bay pretty easily because we lack alot of high end speed upfront. yes-murray/thornton/knuble are fast FOR BIG GUYS...but they're not anywhere close to kovalchuk/heatley/mceachern for example

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