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Originally Posted by SK13 View Post
I mostly think the C is completely pointless (team meetings and talking to the ref, that's all you get to do that anyone else can't), but striping someone of the C is not cool. Wasn't cool when Dallas did it to Modano, wouldn't be cool if they did it to Horcoff.

I suspect, because of the way Horcoff's deal is structured, they will buy him out in June of 2013. After that, it's Taylor Hall's team, not Ryan Smyth's.

Hell, it's Hall's team right now.
It was perfectly acceptable when they took the C off Modano. He never really earned it, he doesn't have those leadership skills, he just got it by default for being the best player after Hatcher left. It was Morrow's team then, and it still is now so I don't really know how you can say that.

Another example of an actual good leader having to give up the C to make way for youth is in Carolina when they took the C away from Rod Brind'Amour and gave it to Eric Staal. At that point, everybody knew it was Staal's team and it wasn't a slight at Brind'Amour and he didn't feel slighted, he's still working in the Canes' front office. I expect the same sort of thing to happen with Horcoff and whoever takes the C over (probably Hall) in due time, probably 3 or 4 years from now.

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