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09-17-2011, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
do the unlocks that require a certain threshold of averaged stats (1 goal per game, 2 points per game, 1 offside per game) unlock in BAP properly? Also if the 200 hits unlock works, does the 70 points one work as well?

As long as that does I should be able to get all of the boost slots prior to reaching Legend online.

In that case, the only things I will almost certainly have to buy are +5 stick check and speed (don't have the time or patience for legend in Be a GM or the online requirements) and possibly the +5 passing
The averaged ones didn't work for me, and neither did the 70 points either for some reason. The only one that did was the 200 hits, triple A in one game, 4 points in 3 straight games, and a hat trick.

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