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Originally Posted by superroyain10
I'll assume this a non-contact floor hockey league? It just takes a lot of practice to not get mesmerized by the puck. It evens happens to NHL players. I think you are on track with what you should do. Keep your head on a swivel . I remember for ball hockey, it is ridiculously easy to clear the ball; clear it or pass it forward whenever you get the ball imo. In my experience, when you pass it laterally or behind you, it can take a wierd bounce and end up in the goal or on an opponents stick.
Yes, it is a non-contact ball hockey league.

The pass behind the net must be used with discretion. It is a good idea to use it on face-offs close to our net. It's so crowdy in front when I get the ball that shooting it forward will be stopped by somebody, but you make me realize that a pass behind the net may as well end up on an opponent's stick. I think the best is to run away with the ball and go behind the net. For this I must proceed quickly. I have my defense assignment on Thursday. Since we are already eliminated of the playoffs, I'm going to try things without fears of making mistakes. In the season, especially if you play with a team that is not sure to make the playoffs, each game is crucial, so you don't dare experiment. You prefer to play as simple as possible. But at point you have developpe your hockey talents by trying things you would consider risky. I'm going to developpe a "mantra" throughout the game, like "Opponent: You WON'T touch that ball" that I will repeat again and again in my brain. This way I will be 100% focused on the man, not on the ball. Have you noticed that you play better when you hate the opponents and want to crush them without mercy? If you want to win, you should not think about hockey as a game, but as a war!

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