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Originally Posted by Hazy View Post
Great news about Lubo. Can't wait to hear about the scrimmage on Monday.

Edit: How did Maroon look out there? I think he could possibly be under the radar a little.
Maroon is slow and skates too upright. I didn't notice him other than that. That really isn't a big deal though on the first day of camp.

Other impressions:

Smaby wants a job. He was very physical for this type of day, where contact wasn't really paramount over basic positioning and cardio work. He and Zimmerman were easily the most physical. The third? Jason Blake. He had a good morning.

Palmieri looks physically ready. I expect him to make the team, and if he doesn't, it won't be because he isn't physically up to par.

Rakell is physically mature for a kid of his age. He doesn't have the puck skills nor a quick enough mind yet for the NHL, but I'm not worried about him never making it after seeing him this morning. He can skate, and he isn't small.

Hiller looked great. Easily the best goaltender, never seemed overwhelmed or discombobulated. Players weren't afraid to shoot high on him either, which speaks to their confidence as well.

DSP is a good skater for a man his size. I don't think he makes the team though, I just don't see the puck skills for a third line role. It's only one day though.

Bonino is still really, really slow. Like Brian McGratton slow. If he doesn't pick up the pace I don't see how he's going to be successful in the NHL. He just isn't big enough to overcome that skating.

Mark Bell was underwhelming and seemed out of shape. He needs to get in gear to make the team.

Gordon is smart, and he could be seen talking to the best players in his group between every turn in the drills. He can shoot, but I don't think he is sly enough nor quick enough to be another Mac. We'll see.

I was impressed with Deschamps. He was quick and shot the puck well, made good plays in the little defensive zone drills and seemed to be a little bigger. He is my sleeper pick with Macenauer to make the roster.

Etem is really fast and can snipe, but isn't physically ready.

Holland played with Ryan and they had some good chemistry. He is still inconsistent as hell though. I don't see him making the team.

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