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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Although some names take on a more "jokey" feel, a quick look back at past drafts would show that VI's team names have always had historical significance. I can assure you his choice of team name was intended purely as a tribute and remembrance.
I have always spoken out against jokey and fictional names as I believe in honoring history. I am proud of the historical teams I've represented: Halifax Eurekas! the star team of the first colored/black hockey player league, Kingston RMC Paladins the military school team that lost many of its soldiers in The Great War, similarly with Smith's Falls Fusiliers honoring the fallen soldiers with their team nickname. Other historically significant team names I've chosen to represent and remember include those of the oldest onging rivalry Cambridge Tabs and Oxford Dark Blues, the McGill Redmen, Penticton Vees, etc.

I was the first to post my sympathies on the chat board here after the recent plane crash, including pictures of the playing cards of the NHL players we lost. I started a thread on the History board in remembrance of the Czechoslovakian plane crash of 1948 to get some more info and discussion of that past plane tragedy.

I am the last person to joke about the tragedy. Hell, I PM'd a poster on the Mock Drafts subboard asking about his comment about "the gods must be mad" that he wrote the very next day after the crash, saying I though it insensistive. He said he was not joking and that he didn't mean anything by it.

The ONLY reasons I put a grin next to my sentence was to

1) mimick the form of Modo's post, to try and act like I'm in the same situation;
Originally Posted by Modo View Post
The Dawson City Nuggets might be interested in joining this draft, if you'll let me.
2) indicate what a keener I am for the drafts and that even though I was to sit out the drafts for a year, I really really would like back in.

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