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Originally Posted by Anton Dubinchuk View Post
He was working with Roberts again this offseason. He's got a ridiculous drive to get better, he's not going to be content with the season he had last year. He wants to get better, and it shows.

That being said, I think that the sophomore slump will sort of negate the extra work that he's put in this offseason. I'd expect similar numbers to last year, a 30-30 sort of year...
gotcha, that is sort of what I figured.

Would you call his competitive drive Crosby-esque? Because clearly Sid has top of the food chain competitive drive.

Skinner is a tough one for me to figure out with respect to the sophmore slump. 1 part of me says it's like Major league hitters learning the books on a young pitcher. Fool me once, sure....but a few months later and the hitters have a better scouting report.

On one hand, the above could be a contributing factor into Skinner having the sophmore slump. On the other hand though, you've got a player like Eric Lindros, where if it wasn't for the concussions, their was no way to stop him. Sophmore be damned. Scouting be damned. The guy just went through you, and couldn't be stopped.

Because of Skinner's lower body strength, unique skating style, and willingness to navigate the high traffic areas, I think there is chance he will simply build on last season and turn 63 points into 70-75 points-ish.

Also to consider, is that for an 18 year old, wide eyed rookie...not only was Skinner very level headed, but remarkably consistent from Game 1 through Game 82.

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