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09-18-2011, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Maximum Cheddar View Post
We have a problem on our rec team. Half of our players are good and the other half are not. Yesterday we tried to balance the lineup with 1 good d-man and 1 weak d-man. We also had 2 lines with 2 good players and 1 weak player, and a 3rd line of 1 good player and 2 weak ones. We did not fair well losing 5 -0. So my question is how do we handle this situation? What's the best way to disperse the lineup? It was just our first game together I'm I over reacting? Thanks in advance.

How are your weak players positionally? Do they know their positions and how to cover when in your own zone?

Sounds like the summer team I was on. We had a range of levels from A/B players to beginners. Tried all sorts of lineups and didn't help as players were out of position. But once the beginners were able to play their positions better it was easier to get the puck out of our zone at least and then get some scoring.

Also, as your team begins to play together, the chemistry will come. Case in point, first game and first time we're playing together, we had 14 on our bench versus 5 plus their 1 sub..........err, we lost horribly......

They were not better by any huge means, just a team that had been playing together for some time, and they knew their positions.

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