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09-18-2011, 01:05 AM
Rink Bum
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Damn, I remember when I experienced lace bite - excruciating!

The weird thing is it just happened half way into my hockey season - don't know the reason at all. Missed three weeks. About three years ago, I looked for something to alleviate it, and I was originally looking at the bunga pads. However, I came across something called API or Ankle Protective Inserts.

Anyways, a store was selling these things for cheap in my area, so I decided to go with them. Essentially they are foam pads covered with grippy material, and you insert between the tongue and your foot. From the size, I didn't think it would fit but it actually did. It did provide me some relief and I was able to play again.

I ended up losing one of the two, but have to say it worked decently.

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