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Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
i obviously cannot tell this guy at what point his kid is going to burn out. he might burn out at 4 ice practices a week, or he might still be hooked on hockey doing 2-a-days without rest. in my personal opinion, let the kid decide how much ice time is too much.

BUT, i AM telling you that to be at elite levels in the sport (any sport), the kid will need more strength than your typical kid (not typical elite kid). the strength aspect will contribute to him being better at everything, skating, shooting, checking, explosiveness, endurance. once you get to high school age, you'll see that elite kids have much higher than average strength, and if they have enough talent, dedication, and results, they will get looks from higher level programs. sure, there will be rare exceptions to the rule, where a genetic freak will dominate without pushing a lot of weight in the gym, but it's more rare than you think.

12-14 is the perfect growth spurt age for a lot of kids who show early promise. use it to their advantage. get their muscle mass/squat/deadlift numbers up to respectable/advanced/elite levels, and it will become apparent that it was a wise investment of time. it will not make them woefully behind, but on the contrary it will make them stronger, more athletic players, less prone to injury.

considering that weightlifting is only 3-4 days a week for 1-1.5 hours, can be done in the comfort of your own home/garage/basement, and provided enough calories at that age will not affect the recovery time until they approach some pretty advanced limits, it's really a no brainer.
I dont disagree with any of this but he wasnt really asking about weights. He was asking about how much ice time/practice is the norm...and what is considered too much.

You essentially told him that weight lifting and 2x per week would keep him ahead of most kids. That is nonsense.

I would say that at age 14 weights are a must for sure. At age 12-13 I would say that plyometrics and agility should be the key.

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