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Originally Posted by azrok22 View Post
I'm well aware of what causes concussions, having suffered one playing hockey.

My point is, a visor has some give to it. From the video, the first thing that hit the ice was Staal's jaw. Essentially, because he wasn't wearing a visor, the helmet provided no protection, because the impact was ice-to-face. Had he been wearing a visor, depending on the angle he actually hit (which is hard to tell from the youtube video), there is at least a chance that some of the impact would've been absorbed by the helmet, and the force imposed on his actual skull would've been reduced. [Due to the nature of Staal's hit, a mouthguard would be even more important, but I assume/hope he was wearing one.]

In most concussions, a visor isn't going to do anything. My own concussion resulted from me being knocked straight back after a hit, so that the back of my head impacted the ice. A visor would've done nothing there. However, in Staal's case, there's a chance that a visor would've reduced the impact of the contact.
It's a very slim chance.

It's hard to see if his face/jaw hit the ice.

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