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09-18-2011, 06:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Countdown0 View Post
How do I show up back on the Sens part of the boards, and find people hating on our own players. Winnie goes down and some people want him to stay that way. Da Costa being burned even though he's only played two NHL games...

Guys, I just physically face pamed while writing that ^
Its sad, really. These are our guys, on our team. We should all be hoping that Winnie recovers with no permanent damage done, and should have faith that DC (Da Costa) can shape up into a good top 6 palyer. At the very least, his presence and skill set forces Zibanejad to bet better in order to get a spot on the team.

Less hate guys, come on! This is our team. You wanna hate on our guys, head over to the leafs and habs boards!
It's ok, you've been away. Let me clue you in. Right now we have an NHL center depth that looks like this, in no perticular order: Spezza, Z-Bad, Da Costa, Smith, Regin, Konopka, Winchester. Due to our team's current state of "rebuilding" we are pulling for youngsters to get valuable playing minutes on the team. Winchester's injury clears up the depth a little bit for a little while.

The Da Costa sucks thing generates from a poster here ranting about how bad Da Costa is in one of the rookie tournament's GDT. A couple of minutes later Da Costa went on to score a hat trick. The poster kept going through his hat trick. The phrase stuck.

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