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Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
i did say 'most kids' not 'elite kids'. and although i don't work with elite kids, i still stand by it. if 'elite' in his area means an X number of hours on the ice then that's what his kid will have to do.

what's nonsense is the answer to these types of questions is almost always more practice, more advanced skills and progressions and assistance exercises like plyo, because everyone thinks that the answer is almost always something hockey-specific. in fact, basic general strength gives you a lot more in return than other programming. in large groups of kids of almost any sport (and most people in general), the limiting factor is almost always strength and GPP.

the problem is that agility and plyometrics are relatively advanced assistance exercises. if he likes them, go ahead and do them. but it won't build significant muscle mass or strength.
We are going around in circles. The question he specifically stated was about elite level play. Why would you give an answer about "most kids"? What does that offer?

Plyo and agility excercises can range from basic to complex and everything in between.

You can feel free to reply but this is my last post in this mind numbing conversation.

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