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09-18-2011, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by King'sPawn View Post
It's a combination of things:

- First of all, the people use different criteria to vote. Some use pure potential, some use NHL readiness. Just because a player may have higher potential doesn't mean he's necessarily NHL ready.

- Second of all, the players who did get called up were all for depth reasons.

- Another issue is that we're not privy of EVERYTHING going on. We don't know how fit these players are, or what their attitudes are.

- Finally, the most telling issue is that we're fans first and foremost, and a good portion doesn't know what the **** we're talking about.
Oh I agree with you 100%. I'm just saying, from an observational standpoint, it's pretty amazing we ranked three players who were legitimate NHLers beginning just a few months later 7th, 15th and 17th on our list. They may not have the high end ceiling like guys like Lokitonov, Schenn, etc., but it was amazing that fans (including myself) felt there were 16 better options in the organization in terms of pure talent/NHL readiness/other factors than Martinez.

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