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Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
Thanks for the kind words, saying I sound foolish and whatnot. Why do you always have to act so hostile and defensive? I was only reporting what Staal himself said about the knee injury.

And I never denied that he didn't suffer a concussion. There were 2 separate injuries, the knee and the concussion. I explained it one of my posts above. The Rangers had no clue he had a concussion until late March, which doesn't exactly make the situation any better. They should have conducted a baseline test right after the hit and they failed to do so until a month later after Staal missed 2 games for "undisclosed reasons." I am not thrilled with how the Rangers handled this either. one bothered to read the quotes from Tortorella that I posted? They did know he wasn't feeling great after that hit. They had him pass the baseline test before he went back into the lineup. He was fine, but started feeling effects again later and they held him out again.

Originally Posted by Khelvan View Post
Isn't it possible he had both injuries?

Yes it is and that's likely what happened. he did hurt his knee but they didn't want to report the possible concussion to the media so they just reported the knee injury. He had both though. Pretty simple

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