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09-19-2011, 06:04 AM
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Just had to put this here too

Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
There will hopefully be players like Parise, Semin and Ryan Suter available. Other potential free agents are Penner, Hemsky and Boyes.

The Rangers should have about $20-25 million in available cap space, depending on whether the cap goes up.

$2 will go to Prust.
$2 to Zuccarello.
$2 to two rookies who'll make the team 12 months from now.

That's only $6. If the cap stays the same, then we'll have $14 left. If it goes up, it's even more than that.

Either way, that's enough to sign not just one, but two star players.

I really hope we get Parise, and if not, maybe Penner+Semin. The Rangers have enough cap space, and doing this would make the team an immediate Cup contender, maybe even a Cup favorite, depending on how our youth improves in the next 12 months.
Here is a list of what current roster players are signed for next year:

2012-2013 NYR
Brandon Dubinsky ($4.200m) / Brad Richards ($6.666m) / Marian Gaborik ($7.500m)
Michael Rupp ($1.500m) / Artem Anisimov ($1.875m) / Ryan Callahan ($4.275m)
/ Derek Stepan ($0.875m) /
/ Brian Boyle ($1.700m)

Marc Staal ($3.975m) / Daniel Girardi ($3.325m)
Ryan McDonagh ($1.300m) / Mike Sauer ($1.250m)
Tim Erixon ($1.750m)

Henrik Lundqvist ($6.875m)

BUYOUTS: Chris Drury ($1.667m)

CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
(these totals are compiled without the bonus cushion)
SALARY CAP: $64,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $48,733,334; BONUSES: $1,275,000
CAP SPACE (14-man roster): $15,566,666

We then need to add 4 wingers, two spare FWDs, 2 D and a backup goalie. For a 23 man roster.

Lets assume the backup goalie costs 1 M
That leaves us with 14,566,666 to sign 8 players

On D - We will probably resign one of Del Zotto or Valentenko, pending this years outcome.
This will likely cost us around 1,8 M. Could be a little less...
Lets say we add another VET or internal D (Kundratek, Parlett) for around 1 M as 7th D.
That leaves us with around 11,766,666 for signing our 6 remaining fwds.
  • Lets say that we sign Kreider to around 1,3 M caphit.
  • One of Zuccarello, Avery, Fedotenko (or lower end UFA option) is resigned at 2 M
  • Prust is resigned at 2 M
  • One of our prospects in Thomas/Hagelin/Miller (or someone else) takes the step up. Cost around 1 M ( a bit more with Miller)
  • One of our better Hartford players (Weise, Newbury, Mitchell, JAM...) gets the 14th spot costing around 700 k.
Total cost for signing these 5 players would be around 7 M
That leaves us with 4.766.666 dollars
If you skip Zucc/avery/Feds option (and/or the 14th fwd) you save 2 M or 700 k respectively
Should be enough to acquire a good fwd. But definitely not two.
Either through a trade or through UFA.
I definitely do not think we can get Parise for this price though.
Time will tell
And this is counted with no cap increase. If it goes up/down = then these numbers change related to deviation compared to this years cap...

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