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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
Do the pros put one star on each of the four lines with "checkers" in order to balance lines?


You put your best players together to give them the best chance of performing and scoring goals. You then use your less skilled players as "checking" lines or simply lines that play their position and good defense and try to keep from getting scored on. If they do this, they will eventually get chances as well.

We've done this more recently on one of my teams and it works. One line is very strong, gets lots of chances and scores goals. Our other two are decent, we play good position, keep scoring chances down and every now and then get some good chances and even score from time to time.

Look at the pros. Skilled players together and not so skilled players together.

When you put your skilled players with less skilled players, the line can only be as strong as the weakest player on the line.
Sounds like you're just playing on a stacked team.

Generally it's tough to allocate the lines in leagues with wider talent spread or on weaker teams in general.

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