Thread: Line Combos: How does your top 2 lines look?
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09-19-2011, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
He played for PXN which isn't know for developing scoring forwards and scoring 60 points in SEL isn't easy. In my mind he's more proven than TJ without a doubt.
I get the Phoenix part for sure. They are developing a reputation as a wasteland for talent if any patience is required. That said I think TJ has still proven more at this point in his career. I like Lindstrom's ceiling better though.

Originally Posted by Injury Prone Stastny View Post
I see your point. I am just saying Galiardi hasn't consistantly contributed when he does play on the top line in the past.

After reading about him bulking up though, I expect more out of him this season. And I wouldn't be all that surprised if he takes over the #1 LW spot at some point this year.
TJ has definitely left me wanting with his top line play. I really feel he is more suited for the 3rd line. He was able to keep up and contribute though and my big concern with Lindstrom is if he will continue to produce against the opposition a first line sees. If he keeps going in training camp I think they have to give him that shot though. Really, he is a better option than anything else we have at the moment.

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