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Originally Posted by hawksfan50 View Post
He was Central Scouted 8th ranked NA skater at mid-term but had a horrible 2nd half and so dropped to #43....YET the issue is : WAS this drop-off inconsidtency,lack of effort or the residue of his groin injury?

WEll IF it was the aftermath of the groin injury --even though team doctors allowed him back in the lineup after being out for awhile due to the groin--it s understandable that a player subconsciously wants to prevent a re-currence and so MAYBE he was reluctant to go all-out hard skating again? ALSO HAWKSGM STAN BOWMAN said the whole Saginaw team sagged in the 2nd half and never got their sacto oncourse again and maybe this tooaffected him--he just looked way "OFF" the form he had in the fiorst half. WHATEVER the reasins-he llooked like a completely different player at Rookies Tournament that the guy i saw in the 2nd half last year and was so unimpressed i yelled AVOID drafting him AVOID! But now--playing at full speed hard like he is HE CERTAINLY LOOKS every bit at leasst the 8th best NA skater from that draft if not even better.

So I cannot believe on this ability heshows that it was just an INCONSISTENCY problem or just a lack of effort in the 2nd half last season...HE MUST have been going at only 50-60% because he was subconciously worried about tre-injuring the groin...or maybe the graoin did not feel right even though doctors cleared him to play againm...WHATEVER he was NOT displaying all the ability he has shown now --so I think it wasjust a matter of getting back to where it felt normal and to where he no longer was afraid to go all out again..

The Hawks looked like they lucked out --with everyone wanting to AVOID picking him for frear of some attitude problem when it looks increasingly like it was a physical groin problem and its residual effects all along. So if you add the 2 euros ahead of the 8th NA skater taken -this means he MIGHT HAVE BEEN AT LEAST A 10th overall "VALUE" if he had maintained his mid-term ranking..

So here is hoping the REAL SAAD is the guy of the pre-groin first half of last year and the guy who so impressed at Rookies tournament and in early scrimmages at main camp.

STILL--the HAWKS are too loaderd at forward to rush him to the pros this year UNLESS he is so effective they have to trade some other forward away now to make room...The Hawks will not be desperate to rush anyone past the vet forwards they have stockpiled-so he would have to be not merely good but dazzling to earn a spot this year.
Residue of his groin ... that's disgusting.

This fiddy post takes me back to yerster year when fiddy would just stream his consciousness, keyboard be damned. Ahhh ... the memories.

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