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Originally Posted by Kaizen View Post
If I understand the CBA correctly a junior player's contract does not slide if he is 20 as of Sept 15 of the relevant year. Weller's 20th was in July.

I can't see the Don paying Weller $50K to play junior hockey.
Have I got this wrong? A 20 year old (junior age) player's contract does not slide so Weller will be collecting his minor league salary playing in Red Deer?

Weller was assigned to RD today.

Edit: So can/will Weller's contract slide a year? He would have been effectively 20 years of age when he signed the contract.

Capgeek's FAQ outlines the entry level slide but it doesn't really address this particular scenario.

I suppose the player and team could agree to "slide" the contract but I'm not sure if this is/was contemplated in the CBA.

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