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10-25-2003, 04:36 AM
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Originally Posted by DKH
Dale, I listen to you and Neumie everyday atleast half the show and always the first segment. (before I go on I must suckup and say I enjoy you guys- its a great show) I realize its a football & baseball town and myself have Patriots season tix and probably would say my favorite team is the Red Sox. I was 8 years old in 67 so you know why...I still can name your favorite Minnesotta Twins lineup and staff (Chance, Merritt, Perry, Katt, Boswell??) BUT you have to atleast get MOC or Harry or Grapes or someone on once a week- preferably on Thursday which is usually a hockey game day. I realize discussing Lars Jonsson or Milan Jurcina will have radios turning off all over the 128 area but these 3 would atleast give the casual listener something. Harry always seems to be pretty entertaining with Ordway but why not MOC every other week. Mike Emerik is pretty good as is John Davidson or Barry Melrose. A real sleeper and a local guy who could expand to the Sox, Celts, and Pats is John Buccigross. He does hockey but he's a local guy who's Boston all the way and a pretty good talent on ESPN.

Just working in a rotation of MOC, Buccigross, Grapes, heck- Gordie or Brickley would suffice.
Dale, I agree with DKH here. I too am a regular listener of your show, and it is the best show on the station. D&C talk too much politics for me and I listen to the big show mainly for its comedy. I like your show because you and Neumie talk sports all the time and provide insights. A second reason I listen is that your show is the only one to discuss the Bs. Adding a weekly segment with MOC, Harry, etc would be great. Something similar to what D&C do with Larry Luchinno would provide both casual and die hard Bs fans with something to look forward to each week.

Keep up the great work both on your show and the broadcoast booth.

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