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Originally Posted by Shadowtron View Post
Yeah, so? "There are those..." is plural...but general. If I had said "there are this thread" I would be dealing in specifics and would have happily conceded the point to you long ago. If you read it to mean as much, then it's your misinterpretation rather than my lack of clarity. Let's put it another way...when Robert Kennedy said: "There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why..." would you say he was speaking directly to specific people in the audience or making a generalization about a specific type of character?

Sorry but you screwed up. You made a bad analogy and got caught. Your lack of clarity is the issue there. Your mistake.

Understandable. I wasn't. See above. Groovy! Next?

What do they say about that river in Egypt what the heck is it called?

You asked the wrong question.

The goal was to ask a question you couldn't answer to show how you didn't seem to know what you were talking about. I'd say based on your failure to answer it was the right question for me. Wrong for you though.

You freely admitted that animosity played a role in the tone of your initial response. You "don't like the way [I] talk to people"...remember? Sorry, but I do feel this is more about me than it is about a nothing little analogy that was, to steal from Keats' gravestone, writ on water. I say this because RangerESQ, whom I quoted for you, claimed most people would think Sather a god if he were some fresh-faced newbie GM Post-lockout. If there is no one in this thread claiming Sather to be the best "artist of the decade", then he cannot quantify that statement with any evidence. Why aren't you haranguing him? Why aren't you hitting him with "exaaaaageration" when he's just as guilty of violating your carnal rule of specificity as I am? Oh...he's pro Sather so it's okay? No sweat! Then how about Bleed Ranger Blue, who is distinctly anti-Sather, and who said in post #6: "He has created the illusion that this team is headed in the right direction by hanging onto the younger players and allowing them to develop - some people have bought it hook line and sinker without the on-ice credentials to back it up as a successful plan." Again, why aren't you taking up the cause here...demanding to know which people specifically? There's something with all this that just doesn't pass the smell test for me. And I think it goes beyond my piddling analogical musing. If that makes me egocentric in your eyes then so be it. It's just one more JimmySmart check against me LOL!
Gee whiz I hope you aren't having troule reading because I'm going to make it clear as I can I freely concede I enjoy toying with you b/c you tend to get high and mighty with people but no there was no animosity at play. I simply noticed you were trying to getting smart with people but were saying something dumb which you failed to dispel that notion when challenged. I'm not going to embarass you over common sense quotes if I notice your mistake in a thread and I feel like it I'll point it out is all. Again dunno why you seem intent on placing importance on yourself. I never said there were any checks of any kind. I'm flattered that you are trying so hard to imagine that I place some kind of emphasis on you. Feel free to show me multiple people in this thread who had said Sather was the best by the time you posted

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