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Originally Posted by coldsteelonice84 View Post
Call me crazy but I thought Seabrook took a big step up with his offensive game and while he was inconsistent at times defensively, he was still one of the more reliable players coming back from the Cup hangover.
You're crazy.

All of his numbers were a product of getting PP1 time on a dominant PP and it's as simple as that. His ES point totals increase by (a modest) 4, while his PP points went up by a whopping 14. If you watched the PP unit he was BY FAR the least important cog in that unit, shooting poorly, failing miserably at keeping pucks in the zone, and not being a great puck cycler. Like any defenseman he made the occasional good pass, but he was definitely the weak link on the unit.

I predict at the end of the season that several ill-informed Hawk/hockey fans will mention Seabrook's drop in offensive production when Keith assumes his position back on the PP1. I bet his ES numberw will almost be identical to what they have been the last 2 years. The drop will be solely from a lack of PP1 time. It's also why Keith's numbers will skyrocket, likely approaching and surpassing (if our PP is as good as last year...I actually think it will be better) his career highs set in the Norris/Cup winning season.

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