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09-20-2011, 08:28 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Hate to break it to you dude but you're in for on hell of a night

Any seat in the bell center imo is good even the 400s behind the press box with the somewhat obscured view aren't really bad at all. Just not my preferred area. (30% of the blues I'd say are behind it)

Anyways you'll be pretty high up if you're in the 400s and will be heckled pretty badly but 99.9% in good fun. You should be relatively safe though my buddy is a leafs fan and one time when he was leaving after a leafs victory (was a bad game for us) as he was walking down the stairs to exit the bell center some ****** bag threw a full drink at him and his sister. It splashed mostly on my friend and they didn't see who did it. All they saw really was a sea of red walking down behind them.

The kinds of pathetic stuff people will do when they have total anonymity disgusts me A friend of my girlfriends was also walking down the street in a leafs jersey one time and some guy chucked a beer bottle at him from outside the window of a bus!

Point is you should be fine but there are *******s anywhere you go. They make up a small minority but just keep your wits and have a good time and if something unfortunate happens it happens. The odds are pretty slim but now and then an idiot can act like... well... an idiot. We have them everywhere and I know a friend who had issues down in Philadelphia a few years back too. Sports fans can be a little stupid at time after the game when they're drunk.
Thanks for the advise. We are in the very front row of one of the 400s sections. I don't think we were planning on dressing up anyways, indicating we are leaf fans though . We went to Ottawa last year and knew half the building was going to be Leaf fans so we had no problem with the leaf gear at that game. I'm pretty respectful when it comes to Montreal fans though (My two brothers are Habs Fans).

But glad to hear that the seats are decent. I figured it was a good seat/view anywhere. Had to ask though because at the Metro Centre here in Halifax, the higher seats aren't as generous in terms of your view. To the point where, if you are at the top, the ice or half of the ice surface is blocked from your view (they added on luxury boxes at a later date which caused this). Thanks again.

Cheers and good luck this season.

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