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09-20-2011, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Revelation View Post
Give it a rest. Even if he is trolling, what is complaining about it going to do? Jon stated his opinion and there was nothing inherently disrespectful about it. He's allowed to have an opinion on the Jets. If you don't like it, put him on ignore.

Big game in Philly coming up this week. This is going to be a big test to see if the Giants are capable of beating a good team. Vick or no Vick, this will be difficult.
He is allowed to have an opinion and it's one I used to respect. I don't take issue with Giants fans talking about the Jets because most do it in a respectful tone. You also don't see Jets fans talking about the Giants with the same tone..

I have to much respect for this board to act the same way as he does about the Giants....again....I did it in the summer about Osi, LT, and Pat Hanlon. It's not like I'm the first poster who has taken issue with his posts, read through the past threads so you have some perspective from where I'm coming from.

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