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Very slippery slope
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
The Jets beat the Cowboys because they made plays. I'm not saying the Giants did or didn't last night. Jim Leonhard pushed Witten out of bounds at the one instead of giving up on the play. Mike Devito forced a fumble on Romo. Joe McKnight blocked a punt. Derrelle Revis intercepted a pass at the end of the game. Nick Folk made a 50 yard field goal.

I'm not saying the Jets looked great against the Cowboys (or Jags for that matter) but I take issue with Jon once again trolling by bringing the Jets into a debate in order to inflame the Jets fans. It's happened for 3 seasons now and I'm just the latest Jets fan to take issue with it. If Jets fans talked about the Giants in the same vein we would be banned from this thread.

Anyway, the Giants deserved to win last night, they didn't play a perfect game but who does in the NFL these days?
The Giants "made plays" in the same manner. They forced a stupid fumble/backwards pass due to pressure. Yada yada. The argument is the same. The Giants capitalized on mistakes of the other team in the same way the Jets do.

As I said -- you don't like my opinion, than don't read it. Put me on ignore if you have to. If I am that far inside your head that you just cannot stand seeing my name pop up and fly into automatic rage mode (which is what you do), then perhaps that is the best solution for the both of us. I will continue to express my opinions in the manner that I do.

The main person who takes umbrage is you. Followed by that guy kenjets or whatever his name is who can never find any wrong in anything Gang Green does. At least guys like ER (who is MUCH more optimistic than me) can find some faults now and then. The funny thing is that when I point something out, usually a good 75% of the other Jets fans on here either agree with me or at least see where I am coming from. You just fly off the handle into this rage mode that was funny for a few weeks but has slowly turned into something more. Something weirder and borderline obsessive.

This will be hopefully the last time I ever respond to you on a football thread here. I'm going to add you to ignore and I think it's best you do the same for me. Simply so you don't get so aggravated and upset by something I write. I don't think anyone on this board wants to read all this stupid, inane bickering.

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