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09-20-2011, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by jorbjorb View Post
i pack in carbs the day before. eat a small carb meal right before the game
Let's say my game is at 9pm or something like that:

My preperation for the game starts from the morning. Assuming I'm at work and not working physically a lot during the day.

The key is to approach the game in an energetic but light state.

-Breakfast: good sized healthy cereal in the morning.
-Brunch: A parfait or fruit salad, or an apple even works
-Lunch: A good sized green salad. Sometimes with a bit of chicken
-2-3 pm: Peanuts or carrots (Only if still hungry after lunch)
-Dinner (5-6pm): Regular sized meal (for example pasta and lean chicken) 3-4 hours before the game.
-30-40 min before: banana, crackers or nothing depending on how I feel
-Right After the game - Vector protein bar or something similiar, feed those muscles and rehydrate
-Sometimes a slice of pizza is great after a game and usually well deserved.

I also try to visit the 'facilities' 1 hour before the game with the daily paper .

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