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10-12-2005, 09:08 PM
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Late reply so sorry if I'm bumping this needlessly..

I think it's safe to say Richards will be asking for a salary somewhere above five million, and likely between what St. Louis got (roughly five million) and Lecavalier got (roughly seven million)
It'll be hard to get him to take much less than Lecavalier. The last time we went through re-signing the two of them, he ended up essentially getting the same contract.

What happens when the goaltending situation doesn't work out
IF.. You're getting ahead of yourself.

So far Grahame picked up where he left off and continues to outperform Khabibulin in the regular season.

The cap's going up (barring a crash in attendance halfway through the season or something) and we can dump other salaries. Richards isn't going anywhere and is probably more valuable to us than Lecavalier even, so forget about trading for him (signing him to a max offer sheet on the otherhand.. *shudders*). You're right there's small margin for error but pretty much everyone would see it as a huge error if we let him go. If it really came down to it Marty would be the odd man out before Brad or Vinny if we're talking trade scenarios. I think our farm players can step in just fine when the time comes, especially in the lower lines where their talent projects to anyway, and a cheap FA winger will always look good next to Richards who has made even our least talented forwards goalscorers in the past. Time will tell but the doomsday scenario isn't looming as large as you make it, IMO, and the team certainly won't panic and respond by trading its best player.

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