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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
If you change a team too much it can do more harm than good.
The operative words as I see it is 'too much' and 'can'... We can never set a mark where it is too much, and obviously it is different in ever circumstance and always open to interpretation and debate in the post mortem.

That said... What I'm taking from Briere's statements is that the return on the trades are potentially very good, and can set the team up for an extended period of time... if they pan out. Thinking about it, one could see the return being quite a bit lower... especially if Homer had put himself in a position of weakness -- which leads me to agree with the feeling that GMs came after him rather that the other way around... and he had options, one being keep one or both and move other players -- Briere in my mind is looking at five young players with better than average talent... a couple with seemingly exceptional talent upside... replacing two players who have either reached near their top level or need something to push them there. They may get that something by being moved.

Briere also has to be seeing -- again in my mind -- that while the two leaving had team favoring contracts, if they continued to play well or improved, the five coming had low early contracts either signed or to be signed... and control being with the Organization for a reasonable period... and afforded great flexibility where Carter and Richards were nearing their No Trade Clauses kicking in and taking away much flexibility from the team.

As others have stated here, IMO Briere was being optimistic and seeing the upside... and in no way reflecting bad upon Carter and Richards, but rather reacting well to a couple trades that could have set the team back quite a bit for an extended period during the last years of his own contract.

With Snider saying they were lucky to be where they were a couple seasons back... I took it to mean that they were lucky to make the Postseason because they had to do so in a Shootout against a great goalie... and that they went far subsequently proves how consistent a team they were... and that had to be addressed, even though they were coming off a Stanley Cup Final appearance.

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