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09-20-2011, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by BloatedGuppy View Post
This is crazy talk.

First, you don't think Florida would be aware of Grabner's history of terrible training camps either? These teams hire pro scouts for a reason. They'd have done their homework on anyone they were interested in acquiring via trade. So there's that.

The other thing is, how could you POSSIBLY justify keeping a non-veteran around on a cup competing team who positively dogged it in training camp just because "he has a history of not trying during training camp". What kind of message does that send? Florida had all the room in the world to keep the guy and couldn't bring themselves to do it.

If Grabner had not been traded last season, we would be screaming about how we waived him for nothing. At least this way it's Florida's shame, not ours, and we've got something to show for his absence.
Maybe I'm being cynical, but yes, my opinion of FLA's management is just that low. Skille for Frolik? Yeesh. The whole 'we're re-vamping the attitude in the lockerroom so we're willing to make what appear to be bad trades on the surface' line is something only a Panther fan can rationalize.

Not trying to single you out. Just saying that Florida waiving Grabner was a mistake many many people saw at the time, not just in hindsight.

On topic: It would have been a huge risk to keep Grabner over Raymond at the time and an equally big risk not to guarantee we acquire a top4 dman before FA. Trading Grabner for Ballard addressed both risks so it was probably the correct decision at the time. It's, as many posters have mentioned in this thread, very unlikely that Grabner would have had the opportunity to right the ship in Vancouver and it would have been an even greater stretch to see him score 34 goals.

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