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Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
You mean if we were to give your stick to Ovechkin he wouldn't be able to shoot? I bet he could shoot nicely with a stick from the 70's, and yours must be better than that. Sorry, it's a pet peeve of mine when players blame their poor play on equipment, except for maybe the wrong skates. And even then- it's arguable. I would disagree with
your mentality, and some coaches would even cut players for that.

To the Op:

It's simple.
-Average skating (keeping up and
competing with your level) - you should be fine;
-below average skating (not
keeping up and loosing fair races to the puck)- you better be GOOD at something else to compensate,

-terrible skating - it doesn't sound like that's the case for you, but if you have hard time reacting to simple passes and you're
stumbling and loosing balance
when carrying the puck- coaches usually catch on very quickly, even
at A and send you packing, no matter how good your shot or
passing are

No, I had a CCM Vector 10 (Ovie Curve) , I could shoot with it but I don't have a rocket or a laser. Now I have a SBK Red Devil I think it's Sakic curve not sure, but I cannot for the life of me shoot or lift the puck above mid net. I ****ing hate it, stickhandlings a ***** too.

Ovie would break my stick after a pass, contrary to popular belief the stick does have an effect on how you perform. Some curves allow you to have better control. Anyways point is I can't shoot with the stick I have, the curve doesnt suit me. Before you comment on that too, everyone's different.

To the OP, what age group ?

For my city skating>>> all, there was one guy( friend of mine) who is a better skater then me that got moved up and let me tell you all he showed was skating and he got ranked higher then me. He is also 2 strides faster, but I did more at the tryout.

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