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09-20-2011, 05:58 PM
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Sticks are mostly personal preference, especially curves; so you can't really suggest a single stick and expect it to be perfect.

There are a few guidelines that can you can work with though.

Judging by your height and weight, you could theoretically go with an Intermediate stick; but the flex ranges in that would probably be too whippy for you (60-70).

The perfect combo could be taking a Senior sized 70-77 flex stick and cutting it down to your preference. That would likely bump that flex rating up to the 80s, which would be ideal for your weight range (think flex = 1/2 of weight)

In regards to curve, it's all about trying them and finding out what you like. I'd start with something like a Bauer PM9, Easton Zetterberg or equivalent and go from there.

A lot of people on here would suggest going for a shaft and blade combo so you can try as many patterns as you want and still stick with the same shaft. Unfortunately, 75/77 flex shafts are difficult find without going online.

IMO, if you don't want to go the shaft + blade route, you should check out this year's Sherwood T90 stick:

Amazing top-of-the-line value for that price. It features 'Free Flex' tech so what you could do is grab an 85 flex T90, cut it to your preference and it would stay in that 85 rating. Look at the PP96 or PP9.

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