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Originally Posted by littleD
I'm hoping to start getting some skating done soon. I'm horribly out of shape, and started skating for the first time a couple years back after being off skates for 7-10 years. Last year, I basically didn't skate at all, because after the few times I did, it felt like someone beat me up.

So, a couple questions...

1. What are the best stretches to do before (and after) hitting the ice?

2. How about weight training? Can anyone recommend exercises to do with weights to help with skating? Or, if not specific exercises, which areas of the legs/back/wherever are best to focus on?
1) two important stretches are the quads and hams. stretch those to get your legs warmed up. lunges are also very helpful. you can do them without weights to start, then add them once you get used to it).

2) as said by RedWingFan and franchiseplayer, free weight squats really help with power and balance. the "step-up's" (again, without weights to start, then gradually add dumbells/bar) also are good. be sure to do the squats using free weights, not on the tracks. these are harder, but build balance. be careful when doing them though. ask a gym rat on proper technique for squats, b/c you could do all kinds of harm to your back, if you do them wrong.

and finally, try running sprints. hockey's all about quick bursts of acceleration, so try playing some touch football for that. hope this helps.

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